100 words of 2015

Hope. Renewed Health. Friendship. Adoptive Family. Bradford. Laughter. Dad's stroke. SHOCK. Epic rescue. Indian hospitals. Head cracking stress. Sister power.  Uncle Shamsher. Narangwal Crew. LOVE. That Air India Flight. Earthbound Angels. NHS. Disappointment. Lost hope. Confusion. Heart busting GRIEF. Chaos. Loss. Blogging Sister Community.  Creativity. Words. Relentless Determination. Resilience. Strength. Challenge. Truth. Success. Never give up. More Rehab Angels. Elder Rights. ENOUGH. Proud to Care. BELIEF. Dad's grit and grace. Inspiration. Support. FAMILY. Skeletons. Closet. Pain. Rosacea. Forgiveness. Closeness. The Moment. Unpredictability. Fate. Mortality. This is IT. Hugs. Wisdom. Survivor. Unbreakable. Dancing. Reflecting. Releasing. Calmsoul. Laughing. Winter Solstice. Gratitude. Thanks. 2015.