144 days later...

And tonight my 86 year old Dad is deep in slumber - in his own home. In his own bed. All tucked up.

It feels like a miracle. We keep checking on him, listening to his breathing.

It is such a blessing.

It's been 144 days since Dad's been in his home. 126 days since he had the stroke.

There are so many people to thank for helping and supporting Dad through the last 4 months. And for carrying me through it too.  So to begin with...

To my incredible 75 year old Uncle Shamshir who spent every day and night in the hospital with Dad in the Punjab until we could get him home. Uncle, I could hardly understand a word you said, your voice so gravelly but I love you and will be forever grateful for your seva to my dad.

To Mammaji, my aunty with her cheeky smiles, quiet mischief and secret chocolates. You just blew us away with your kindness. You really should of told me you were diabetic though.

To my forever loving and giving Narangwal cousin sisters who gently supported us with their food, presence and kindness every moment we were in India. You will never know how much this meant to us as we steadily unravelled in the heat and dust.

To my Big Cousin who zoomed me over to Dad in the hospital on his rusty motorbike as I stepped off the plane. THANK YOU. I knew this journey was going to be some kind of adventure. I could've got a cab and mid ride,  as my knee scraped a bus, I realised that perhaps impulsively getting on the back of this bike was not such a good idea. Then I looked up and saw a massive sign saying 'TRUST'. So I did.

There will be many more thank yous to come. Right now I feel compelled to go and listen to my dad breathing, just one more time, before I let go and fall asleep myself.

Namaste xox

(One last one for tonight...a huge thank you to all my fellow sisters from 'Blogging from the Heart' who have been so supportive and generally wonderful, encouraging me to dig deep and share this journey online.  You gave me permission to express the rawness, the hope, the humour and the despair. THANK YOU with all my heart, you helped keep me going ).