a perfect mess...

Things have gotten a bit messy in my house over the last few weeks. Carpets unhoovered, books piled up, letters unopened, (clean) pants piled on the settee and as for the kitchen,well it's definitely seen better days. Seems like my space has homegenised in to one big mish mash of everything. It won't be long before I'm blending leek and potato soup in my bedroom.

Being a naturally messy person, I thrive in a bit of chaos. If I see too much order I have to create a bit of disorder to feel relaxed. Shabby chic must've been created for me. Although I seem to bypass the chic bit. With Dad being my priority recently, my home has now reached the 'this has gone too far ' tipping point.  I could seriously do with a Big Tidy Up.

Until the BTU I'll make do with trying to keep on top of things which means trying to get the pots in to the dishwasher at least every other day (I know, so scruffy), putting the unopened letters in a neat pile for a rainy day and if I'm feeling really up to it, get the pants in the place where pants go. But if it doesn't get done, hey ho. Or just ho.

Amidst the chaos, there are tiny pockets of order. A shelf with my favourite recipe books, mum's wedding china and my elephant pans from Prague. I need a stool to reach this shelf, hence it stays neat and tidy.

Here's to embracing a perfectly messy home. Just like life. Sometimes we've got to let go of trying to control things and let it BE. It all works out in the end.