A small soulful ritual for self and others...

The simple act of lighting a candle and saying a small prayer can relieve so much internal pressure from your soul.

I re-discovered this diary entry from April last year and thought I'd share something that really helped me...

Last night I just couldn't sleep.

Three things had really got to me. A meeting with a beautiful soul, trapped in his body, trying to end his life because the suffering is too much. Then a house fire that killed three generations just down the road. And insensitive words from a friend. I cried but it wasn't enough to just let tears flow.

I was feeling everybody's pain too much. That's always been me. A hyper sensitive soul and a bit too sponge like. I want to make people feel better and feel at a loss when I can't help someone ease their suffering. I know rationally that it's not down to me or my responsibility. That I cannot rescue people. That every soul has to take their own individual journey through life. I can only be present, loving and listen. But I sometimes feel helpless nonetheless.

So I lit a candle, surrendered my feelings and offered prayers for those suffering and those who have passed. I'm not religious but I do believe in the healing potential of prayer - a powerful and positive intention. As the hours passed, I felt clearer and lighter. The flame still flickered strong and I imagined it's radiant energy still sending love and healing to those I prayed for.

And in some way I hope it made a difference. We are never helpless. Even if we cannot change a situation we can offer up a small gesture. It's a simple act, just lighting a candle. Yet it means so much.

Namaste friends xox