Big Sky


My moments of Ordinary Bliss continue along the North East coast of England.

I find myself transplanted in this magical world of Big Sky for the next few months. As I traverse the nowhere-land between the statutory demands of ‘work’ and my Passion Project and masses of sleep, I find myself being increasingly drawn to meandering along sandy beaches and rambling rivers, gazing endlessly at the size of the sky.

It sounds daft I know but coming from a hilly city, even a green one like Sheffield, the sky becomes lost amongst tall buildings, pollution, light.


Here in the flatter plains of the North East the sky is everywhere and falls right to the ground. I feel like I can put my hand in the air and grab a chunk of it and stuff it in my pocket.

I tell local people how wonderful their sky is and they just look at me with a bemused smile. It’s just sky?


No, it’s BIG SKY.

Even the clouds feel bigger, more dramatic, more lit up, more vivid. My imagination soars on the clouds going on by. My mind empties. And around every corner as I meander along the coast or a river I am faced with Wow.



This Big Sky is freeing, limitless, endless, enveloping, overwhelming, breathtaking. I feel myself expand and take in bigger deeper breaths. I’m lost in it. I become acutely aware of my small place in this big old universe and how I share it with all the other sentient beings around me, the earth,the trees, the birds and more…


That feeling of wonder. It’s a jump in my belly, a missed heartbeat, a sharp intake of breath, a complete surprise, a little miracle.

Look up often, at the BIG SKY.