It's the calm after the storm, again.  Well, more like the calm after a small tornado. Dad has bounced back from heaven's gate and is all safely tucked up at home, being well looked after.

Dad, you are like a cat with 9 lives.Even I'm beginning to believe you are immortal. Chuffed to maginificant bits that you are still with us. The Sofa Sage will be dispensing more wisdom from under his flowery duvet.

Two intense weeks of hospital visiting, tears, confusion, grief and navigating the almost indecipherable tangle of UK social and health welfare and I am finally able to heave a big sigh of relief and return to normality. Or more accurately, catch up with everything.

Except washing pants, for some remarkable reason I still have plenty of clean pants.

I am feeling beyond relieved.

Apart from the lovely red rash slowly crawling across my face. Hmmmm very attractive! The last few weeks have been challenging and have poked the weak point in my system...my skin. My facial skin. I look like an extra from Sean of the Living Dead. With great hair. I'll spare you the mugshot.

For most of the last 7 months (since Dad had his stroke), I thought  I'd managed to keep on top of my stress levels.  Reflecting, I now think I was storing them up in my own personal stress account with excellent interest rates.  Although I had started to re-focus on good self care, healing and nutrition,  when Dad was rushed back in to hospital this last time, I forgot to apply my own oxygen mask first. And now I am dealing with the consequences. It's all coming out, literally. For all to see, yay!

So, it's time for a lot of tender loving self-care, restoring some much needed calm and order in my life. I'm drilling work down to a minimum, being 'in here' instead of 'out there' (in here = reconnecting with inner moi and my home, out there excludes woodlands, forests and fields), slowly allowing my soul to catch up with everything the last 7 months has thrown at me.

I've set myself the gentle intention to chronicle these moments on Instagram  - #calmsouljournal. It's my way of remaining mindful in this process and some soft accountability to keep going.

If you'd like to join me or share a photo or two of what calmsoul means to you under #calmsouljournal I would be so utterly thrilled.  There's a collective power in sharing such a journey and on a purely selfish note, good company for me!

Namaste friends. xox