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She Howls Zine - call for submissions.

She Howls Zine Submission Guidelines.

I’m so excited to be launching the first ever issue of the She Howls zine! Why a zine?

I LOVE zines! I’ve known of them for many years but it is only this year that I have delved more deeply in to the wild and wonderful world of micro self-publishing. A zine is a small, locally printed publication entirely self-produced - think ‘artisan maga-zine’ and you’ll be along the right lines. Zines are revolutionary acts of writeness, something that is co-created outside of mainstream publishing and thus a form of creative re-wilding! Salford Zine Library has a handy little guide all about them here.

Zines and me so far…

Things often find us when we most need them and in late Spring I found myself unable to read much at all, exhausted by work and academia, my mind needed enlivening by something unruly and anarchic - hello zines! Off I ventured to Sheffield Zine Fest with an empty bag and a few quid to be wowed by the likes of Saleena Laverne Day’s zine on Crisps (a nostalgic tome to all the crisps we loved and shared as kids - genius & social history) and the Poor Lass Zine, to Brown Girls Do It’s teeny tomes on books to read. A zine for every scene (almost). I found myself reading again, over and over. Real voices. Real lives. Self-curated.

I find zines so exhilarating and freeing that I’ll be writing my dissertation for my MSc Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes on zines! Yes!

Launching the SHE HOWLS ZINE!

This will be a fully pack-created, limited edition zine, written, and physically printed by WE. Yes, you will be able to hold it in your hands, share it, pass it on, swap it or keep it forever. Please do not expect gloss or perfection - this is a handmade, grassroots effort - expect rough and ready wild creativity! The theme of this zine is wild/free.There is enormous talent within our global pack, wild and wise words and in this first edition the aim is for us to collectively share our wild words to uplift and inspire each other and to inspire others to create and write for wildbeing. Phew, my heart skipped a beat just thinking of the feral words that will be released in to the wildiverse.

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES (to be received by 31st October 2019)

  • The theme is WILD/FREE…

  • Please email your submission to hello@dalkular.com with ‘Zine Submission’ in the email title.

  • Submissions will be published in A5 zine format.

  • We are inviting submissions of poetry (no minimum lines, maximum lines to fit across 2 A5 pages size 12 font) or up to 500 words of writing, wild book reviews etc, favourite wild quotes, collage, illustrations, photography. Please ensure your work is COMPLETE and FULLY EDITED, ready for publication.

  • Please submit words in either WORD document of .rtf with a clear title/author.

  • Please submit images/illustrations in either JPEG or PNG.

  • Please include a 50 word bio with up to 3 web/social media links.

  • We welcome previously unpublished words. You retain all copyright.

  • We particularly welcome words from women who are from under-represented or silenced groups.

  • This is a not-for-profit zine with all proceeds (after production costs) going to charity!

Please note ~ myself and Claire Basarich will be editing and collating this zine. If we are overwhelmed with submissions (!!) or we feel a piece is not quite right for this issue we will email you directly to let you know. We may also ask for minor edits if needed.

Still got questions? Email Dal here.