collaborating with inspiration

"All I know for certain is that this is how I want to spend my life - collaborating to the best of my ability with forces of inspiration that I can neither see, nor prove, nor command, nor understand."  

Elizabeth Gilbert, from her new book - Big Magic. 

So far, a truly inspiring read - totally recommend it. Like Elizabeth, that's how I want to spend my life too.  And getting better at doing so.

Unlike Elizabeth, I spent too many past years doing just the opposite, making excuses whilst a quiet (and sometimes not so quiet) rebellion was building up inside of me. Funny thing is, I always had the choice...I was often just too scared and too often scarediness won.  That's not to say that life was not interesting and event-full. It was.

That's what makes me who I am, right here and right now. With very interesting baggage and foibles! I'm reminded of one my favourite sayings that the gorgeous Laughter Yogi Sebastien Gendry told us "life is a perfect mess".  It is indeed. Just like the creative process can be.

Whilst embracing the mish mash and scarediness of daily life, Our Liz tells us we can make the intention to collaborate with inspiration, without having any idea of how things will turn out. Whether that's making a home, a baby, a painting or chocolate truffles (I'm usually doing the latter) or whatever tickles your fancy. Free falling in to the creativity of living this one perfectly messy life.

Being in a state of open eyed wonder to everything life throws at me has served me much better than making goal lists and year plans. It's kept me on my toes, vital and alive even when tears have surged down my cheeks and my heart has been split in to pieces. And taken me to places within myself and in the world I never thought I'd venture too.

When 'the big whatever is out there' used to see my lists or plans or visionboards, it must've said 'nah, not having any of that' and instead hurtled me headlong to somewhere else. A nice linear life of personal and professional progress has not been my bag.

Reluctantly, I became an inspirited collaborator, for I had no other choice.

Now it's my weapon of choice. I love the organic surprise of un-planning.

Creativity, inspiration. It's everywhere. Lingering all around us like twilight drizzle atop a cliff somewhere Up North, fuzzing up your hair until you resemble Hairbear on a bad hair day when all you're trying to do is look really cool and contemplative...

So, it's back to Our Liz, the sofa blanket and more Big Magic. I feel so excited.

Namaste xxx