Diwali 2015 - festival of light

Diwali Diwali is upon us again, falling on the new moon of Nov 12th.

Diwali is the Hindu festival of Lights and tonight India will be lit up with candles, fireworks and joy. Families and friends will come together to share celebrations, food and fun. Pujas will be offered to Lakshmi, the deity of wealth and prosperity. Folk will leave their windows and doors open, light candles and invite her in to their home to receive her blessings. Diwali celebrates light over darkness and renewed hope.

It’s a beautiful night celebrated world over. Where there’s an Indian there’s Diwali. Our souls need beautiful celebrations and rituals like this.

We’ll be having peaceful Diwali celebrations at home this year. There’ll be pakoras, samosas, cakes, candles lit and fireworks exploded. And tonight, I shall be thanking whatever is ‘out there’ for all the blessings and learnings this year. And I am going to light a lot of candles, I mean A LOT and open every window and door and invite Lakshmi right on in. Maybe she’ll even stay for a while…

If you fancy joining in too, wherever you are, please do. It’ll be a night of collective and wonderful energy for good.

Diwali Giveaway

Diwali is a time to share gifts with loved ones. As I *love* my sacred-cyber-space-community-folk I am extra excited to be gifting one precious lovely with a gorgeous Art-Therapie 100 Mandalas (Anti-stress) colouring book and wait for it…10 metallic Sakura Gelly Roll pens! I’m a bit obsessed with Sakura pens, well pens in general.

Gelly roll pens are stunning to use, have vivid pigmentation and if you’re clever you can use a watercolour brush with water, blend the colours and make glorious art. I can only imagine a scene of ecstatic bliss using these pens to colour in these mandalas…

(okay, I do need to get out more but honestly, that does sound blissful to me)

And yes, I’m going to wrap it all up in that mandala paper…and this parcel can go anywhere in the world!

Just share in the comments below how you bring more ‘light’ in to your life. No need to sign up for mailing lists or anything, this is pure giftery - from me to you. With *love* and *light*.

Happy Diwali and Namaste xo

PS. This gift away is now over! Names were all put in a wee box, blessed with love and possibilities and the lucky recipient is Masha who will just love her gift I'm sure!