don't force it, don't push it

PRESS PLAY, TURN IT UP and read on...

So this afternoon I was getting all in a tiz, too much to do, felt like there was not enough time and in between needing to dye my hair and answering a ton of emails I'm thinking what on earth to blog about next. I felt myself drifting off in to the wild frontiers of Planet Dal or maybe it was me just drifting off because of the lavendar bath I'd just had.

Nooooo Dal, get in to action mode, got hair to dye. So I decided to switch on Craig Charles Funk and Soul show from a couple of weeks ago and voila, the first song that came on - a message from Planet Funk landing on my head like a cosmic meteor 'Don't force it, Don't push it' by Leon Haywood '...let it happen naturally' and a big AHA moment.

I am trying to force it, I'm not allowing, I'm not letting things happen naturally. I'm not letting the muse strike. I don't need to post every waking minute, every hour, every day or every week. Or every year. I don't have to answer all my emails today. And if things don't get done they just don't get done.

Even if it means the henna in my hair turns orange (and it does!) and I look like an escapee orangutan driving an old silver banger up the M1 motorway.

I think Leon maybe singing about not forcing or pushing something else, errrr herrrm, but the lesson from our soul brother is there nonetheless.

So now I'm off to let IT happen naturally...

Namaste good souls, no forcing or pushing ok? xox