dream catching good wishes...

Sometimes the support of a good friend arrives in the most unexpected ways, just when you really need it.

Like this gorgeous little gift that surprised me yesterday afternoon when I returned home after a visit to my Dad at the rehabilitation unit. The visit was full of peaceful blessings and my Dad falling asleep holding my hand.

Moments before he said 'you make me fall asleep'. I watched Dad as he slumbered, my eyes full of tears because I love him and don't know how long he'll be around, yet feeling so utterly blessed for this soft and quiet moment with him.

Coming home to receive this little heart shaped dreamcatcher under my letterbox, wrapped with love, made by my super talented artist friend Amy Kann,  felt like I was reliving that moment. Soft. Gentle. Light. Full of hopes and dreams.

A heart that remains strong when the wind blows it about. Dad has been blown about a lot and we have been the feathers holding on, blowing about with him.

It felt as if Amy had tuned in to just what I needed right then. I could feel the love and good blessings Amy had woven in to this dreamcatcher, like a pulsing heartbeat. And now it hangs next to a photo of Dad on my little Dadhealingaltar.

Thank you from my heart Amy. xox