embracing arugamama


arugamama - 'to accept things as they are'    Shoma Morita, Japanese Psychologist (1874 - 1938)

Embracing arugamama means that we don't try and escape from our current emotional experience. If we feel sad, we feel the sadness. If we feel light, we fully absorb the lightness. Where there are difficult emotions and difficult situations suffering is sometimes inevitable.

This is the stuff of life. Lots of stuff happens in life. We allow our stuff to walk with us. Arm in arm.

Friends. We don't shun it away. It's not always easy but it is possible.

We don't stop living. We become more alive, more present. We are deepened.

We carry on with what needs to happen in life.  What do I need to do next? Make a healthy breakfast, go to work, have a massage, meet up with good friends, rest, recover. Sleep. Repeat.

Remembering to keep taking actions that move us forward purposefully. Because life continues regardless. Step by step, day by day - things start to shift. And one day you'll look behind you and wonder...where did that stuff go?

Namaste xox

***What stuff do you need to befriend?***