Farewell Sofa Sage

"You are unrepeatable. There is a magic about you that is all your own..." 

D.M. Dellinger

My gorgeous Dad aka The Sofa Sage completed his time in this life on Wednesday 17th February, surrounded by all of his family. He was 87 years old. Or so we think. 

For hours we played a beautiful Sikh chant "Waheguru" (weirdly I'd recorded this on my phone the day before) to ease his passing. I held his hand and my other hand rested on his chest as I re-assured him everything was well, all was ok, he could go and we all would be fine. Mum was on the other side holding his hand too and my sister stood by him, hand on his shoulder.

I thanked him for everything he had given us in this lifetime. I kept his mouth and lips hydrated with a little wet sponge. As he took his last breath I was wiping droplets of water from his moustache. Dad, you could have waited another moment...yet that was my very last service to my father, in his moment of passing.

About 15 minutes before he passed through I felt a brush, the slightest push on the back of my head and a gentle breeze. I looked around and no-one was there. A minute or so before Dad passed he opened his eyes wide and stared intently in this same direction, looking in to the distance. He'd seen something, someone.  And that was his sign. His time. To move on.

You taught us well Dad, reminding us everyday to be happy, live well, good health, don't worry. It's a hard ask when the house feels so empty without you. But we will try our very best to do so.

Go well beautiful Dad.