here and now: 100 words

Drifting clouds. Urban sunrise. Garden temple. Cool air. Birdsong. Alone. Heavy shoulders. Heavenly massage. Sleepfulness. Forgotten dreams.Dad. Overwhelm. Deeply grieving. Burnt out. Sister. Hope. One arm hugs. Tenderness. Connection. Frustration. Waiting. HOME. Goats kefir. Tramlines. Germans. Precious friendship. Yearly rituals. Bad dancing. Laughter. Feuerzangenbowle. New neighbours. Video Games. Noisy. To do lists. Chores. Heartache. Samurai tattoo. Longing. Desire. Decisions. Bradford. Endings. Satisfaction. Recognition. Dementia. Elder rights. Tenacious. Not giving up. Still standing. Nina Simone. Soulful activism. Revolutionary. Elephants. Messy house. Unruly hair. Pyjamas. Anticipation. Funksoulsister. Wanderlust. Wildness. Burbage Edge. New Trainers. Long Walks. Faith. Possibilities. Soul. Clarity. Healing. Today.

(inspired by this wonderful Susannah Conway post)