holding my breath...

That I get another chance to press my cheek in to a fading samurai tattoo That this lump in my throat doesn't turn in to a full blown cold so I can see Dad tomorrow For the sun to arrive and warm up my body and bones, it is June after all

And for the next full moon, purple moorland bivvy bagging and cooking under the stars

That the flashing brake lights in my old banger doesn't cost heaps of money to repair

For that next gig that sends me in to soulfunk cosmic eternity, hurry up

And for those new speakers that'll make my house bounce with delight to big dirty bass lines, oh the bliss, soulfunk ASBO here I come

For seeing old friends on Thursday, celebrating the birthday of our dearly departed soul brother, it'll be whisky all round

For sitting atop a cliff beholding the sea, hair tangled by the salty wind and cheeks flushed by wonder

For when my contract drops to three days a week...that means 4 lie ins a week in my own bed, duvet here I come

For big laughs, snuggly hugs, too much eating and seeing San Andreas at IMAX with Big Sis

For that long train journey that'll take me across the wildest part of Scotland, that I can get lost in its vastness, remoteness and forget about time

And for that moment when I step back in to my own cosy home tomorrow night, kick off my shoes, flump on the sofa and drift in to dreamtime...