polaroid oracle card project...

In the quiet moments amongst the craziness of this year, I've been secretly blissing away creating my Polaroid Oracle Cards. Ta dah! I'm so excited to be sharing them here. 

Oracle cards have been a part of my life for over 25 years, radiating light, insight and guidance. My first set was the Shining Woman deck. I remember them being well used and worn, loving the bright illustrations of sacred sites and symbols. They were eventually re-homed to a good friend.

Over the years, oracle card sets have come and gone in my life. Different decks have served me at different times, some I've just grown out of. But I've always had oracle cards in my life...always.

Oracle cards are not just about the woo woo. They are a practical way to ask questions, to get to the nub of an issue, to truth say, to open a dialogue with another, to explore unchartered territories within ourselves. Aaaaah I could go on and on.

At this point, I must thank the amazing Denise Linn for teaching me so much about how to use oracle cards intuitively and creatively. Thank you Denise xo

Back to my Polaroid Oracle... the idea of creating my own oracle cards had been floating around for many years. I came up with many grand plans including commissioning a local artist to illustrate the cards and I'd self publish them or I'd create lavish collaged cards and get them printed.

For many good reasons and a bit too much life happening I never quite got round to making those ideas a reality. It all felt a bit like hard work and I was forcing the inspiration. I am so happy it didn't happen because...

Some months ago, whilst loafing on my sofa, pondering on how to use up some out of date polaroid films, my highland cow polaroid caught my eye and *ping*, the idea to create a really personal polaroid oracle deck, just for me, plopped in to my mind. And heart. I felt excited.

So simple. So meaningful. So doable. 

It also meant that I could buy a motex label maker to get that retro feel. Some lasses buy shoes and bags. I buy label makers.

Polaroid + motex label maker = very ecstatic Dal.

Slowly, I've been creating my retro collection. I'm aiming for 21 cards in total for this set. I'm currently at 15. As I'm allowing, rather than forcing inspiration I've no idea when I'll finish. It doesn't matter. It has been such an incredibly heartening, soul fulfilling, joyful journey.

Creating these cards, alongside blogging has kept me sane this year. It's been part of my calmsoul mission. I look at my cards and feel happy. The readings are blowing my mind, maybe because the connection is deeper as they're my mini polaroid babies coming to life.

I'd love to introduce you to a new Polaroid Oracle card each week or so over the next few months, sharing the wisdom and insight I've gained from each card and hoping to be inspired by any insights that you may get too.

And if you want to make oracle cards of your own, do it. Just Do It. And let me see!

Namaste xo

(created using Polaroid SX70, iPhone 5s, Impossible Instant Lab, Impossible polaroid film, Motex label maker and a lotta love)