kindle lovers anonymous (kla)

Dear Kindle Lovers,

This is an invitation to all of you who love your kindle to shout it out loud and be proud - I LOVE MY KINDLE!

No more shame. It's ok to love your kindle. Publicly.

Contrary to popular belief, Kindle Lovers are MASSIVE book lovers too. We have heaving bookshelves and piles of books stacked up on our bedside table ready for nocturnal nourishment. We love the sound of opening a new book, an old book, any book and the creak of the spine, the crisp pages or the mustiness of well worn ones.

We love bookshops, disappearing in to an otherwordly portal and returning home slightly wiser and certainly more inspired. We love slumping on sofas with a cosy blanket and a cheeky paperback. Or sat in our favourite coffee shop getting caffeinated and educated simultaneously.

We love books so much that we want to pull our favourite one off the bookshelf whilst stood in a supermarket queue, or take as many books as we can on holiday so when the moment strikes we can get just the one we want.

Alas, we would need to walk around with several suitcases and a well loved sherpa to help us. And we'd always be well over our luggage allowance. And have to leave the bikini at home.

Hail Holy small, so sleek, so light, so bursting with the capacity to hold thousands of books so our eyes, minds and souls can be delighted at the flick of a button. And a built in dictionary. Instant inspiration that can last for hours, day, weeks. No, I'm not just talking trashy lit and self help, I'm talking poetry, philosophy, cakeology, science, historical fiction, politics, erotica, travel...the list goes on.

Kindle lovers are not cheating on books. They are deep soul diving in to words by any means necessary.

And that good souls, is what having a Kindle is all about. xox