nyctophiliac bliss

10pm and I'm closing my curtains.  The last bit of light is seeping in to the darkness and I feel a fluttering deep inside. I'm so tired and my sofa is calling me to rest my weary head. But this night beckons me with a stronger will. I slip on my trainers and grab my phone. And in to the night I venture alone... 


Woodsmoke, distant fumes, generator buzzing, cars scurrying, laces hitting my trainers, voice bumping in my head, soft soles hitting concrete, coat toggles clanging, kicking stones clicking stones, the faint breeze of aloneness and gentle drops of rain softly shyly brushing my cheek my nose my hair, distant sound of urban night street light.

Pat pat pat poodle walking by, footsteps coming towards me of a hooded guy, pulls hood down close and hunches shoulders as he walks by, we both glance back and I cross the road, well it's night after all...who knows?

Feel safer now, rarely do I walk on the other side and my eyes renew, so thank you hooded man for helping me to cross and see a different perspective, people slip through the deep blue, they glide across, emerging from nowhere somewhere, radiant mist, this is the night, this is the dark light, pure nycotophiliac bliss.

Distant sirens for distant misdemeanours,mischief making, brawls, too much drinking too much thinking too much sinking, too many fists pushing out and hurting, too much crying too much lying too many mistakes, false lights false nights, dark time wanderings, dark light meanderings.

Footsteps run past me, freaking out cos I'm taking pictures on the phone? Who is this weird woman walking all alone? Deep bass bumping, sister of the dark light, faraway hoot of an owl, reminding me that I am HERE.

Nature resides inside me, in my urban soul, in my footsteps, in my toes hitting the inside of my trainers, in my breath, in my heartbeat, the tips of my hair, in the ends of my fingernails rubbing against my thumb and in the immeasurable wonder that is TONIGHT.

(fellow nyctophilliacs, tell me below what you love about the night...)