The Secret Wisdom of Snowflakes


snowflake: a feathery clump of snow crystals

It has been snowing all day and night. This hustling-bustling Northern town has been forced to slow right down to accommodate masses of cold white fluff. Walking back to my friend’s house at twilight through the Saltaire, I gaze at the snowflakes lazily drifting  down to earth, dim victorian street lamps glowing between the flakes, pedestrians reclaiming the road. I feel as if I've been flung back a hundred years.

Us humans have a lot to learn from snowflakes. Snowflakes carry a secret wisdom. Snow softens and silences our world.  Everything seems so much calmer. Footsteps, voices, even cars feel quieter amidst the poetic tumbling of snow. There is something so incredibly magical when snow just falls from pregnant clouds when there is no wind to push it this way or simply and gently falls. Beyond precious, mesmerising and unreal.

Like a snowflake, we can learn to just fall, let go and let be. See where we land.


Each and every snowflake is a unique soul.

“ A snowflake is like a hieroglyph from the sky - the form and design of an individual crystal tells a story of it’s travels through the clouds.” Ken Libbrecht

We too are sculpted by the journey of our lives - we have an unmatched story. Each one of us a shining individual -over 6 billion of us. Wow.  I always find that completely mind blowing. Our stories may be similar but never ever the same.

Embrace your one of a kind va va voom. Rock it. Work it. Don’t hide it.

Snowflakes…tiny individual ice sculptures that unite with each other to create a massive impact.

Just like a multitude of snowflakes joining together, we know that when we join with others we can move mountains and shape our world.  Just like the snow shapes landscapes over millennia.

Find your cause, unite with others. Change the world. 

A flurry of snowflakes invites surprise conversations with strangers and unexpected snowball fights with toddlers. Little white snow beings to delight and surprise. Whizzing precariously down hills in dodgy sleds. Ignites our imaginations and invites us to reawaken our inner playfulness.

When it snows, go out. Play. Laugh. Build snowpeople. Throw snowballs. Become a snow angel. 


Despite the weather forecast, snow can completely surprise us, coming when least expected. It teases us and frustrates us. We're never quite sure how much we'll get.  Will I be able to get to work?  Hopefully, not - better staying local and playing. How long is it going to last? We can't control the snow.

Let go.  Embrace the unexpected. Become totally present and go at the speed of snowflakes. Slow down.  Walk and re-discover our local neighbourhoods and little shops again when the roads get too white to get to the massive supermarket. 

Snowflakes delight us with their transient beauty and never hold tightly to their form.  They allow themselves to be melted by sun rays, dissolved by rain, transformed by human hands. They adapt to their environment.

We too can follow this secret wisdom of snowflakes by sensing when to let go of what no longer serves us, to be altered by our environment and interactions. To allow ourselves to be softened by the sun rays and rainy days of our lives. 

Snowflakes can teach us so much if we just stop and listen to them.

They make us feel really alive. I absolutely love the snow and its ability to totally throw things in to chaos. Though snow settles, I love the way it can feel unsettling - disrupting normality and the routines of our everyday lives and forcing us to rethink our days from living room lock ins, to play instead of work, to make epic journeys and feel the satisfaction of warmth and achievement. And a day lived differently. 

Snowflake stuff to inspire:

Ken Libbrecht's Field Guide to Snowflakes is a delightful book that will make sure you always look at snowflakes with a renewed sense of wonder.

Stunning close up photos of snowflakes - magical!

Just add hot chocolate and a woolly hug...