the best ever lazy porridge

This morning I woke up reaaaalllly 11am late. And I was due at the day job at 1pm.

But it's never too late for my lazy porridge.

Mornings are the most ritualistic time of day for me. I adore rising to my natural rhythms and over the last ten years have sought work patterns that allow me to indulge my duvet fetish and slumber on until my mind starts to stir, my body know, that sloooowwww waking up when you're kind of aware that you're awake but not quite and in a state of dozeful bliss. I'm not even sure I can find the words to describe this semi-precious feeling, body warmed and moulded in to the duvet. Soft sinking in to snugglyness.

Then gently, you're awareness and awakedness grows and suddenly you are ready to get out of bed . No alarm clocks required. Aaaaah these kind of mornings are just pure joy-fullness.

Hair all over the place, dressing gown pulled on and onwards to the beautiful art of porridge making.

Or as my mate Sara says 'I might have a porridge today'. A porridge, wooo! I once had a lodger who bought a microwave for the sole purpose of making porridge. It felt so wrong to irradiate beautiful oat flakes to non-nutritious oblivion. Poor porridge.

Eating porridge feels so virtuous, every mouthful a potent bullet of nutritious yumptiousness. I just made that word up. Must be the porridge improving my brain.

See, porridge is so good for you. Even saying the word porridge feels good. Porridge.

So just like my easydozy mornings, here's how I make my lazydazy porridge.

Lazy Porridge

Two handfuls Organic porridge Oats

Almond Milk or Oat Milk

Small handful of dessicated coconut

Raspberries, blueberries and banana

Maple syrup (naughty naughty)

Throw the oats and the coconut in the pan, add the milk so it covers the top of the oats. Stir a little. Put it on your smallest hob ring on the lowest heat. Let it cook uber slowly until it gently bubbles, adding some more milk if needed. No need to stir. Just let it do it's thang.  If you want you can leave it to play by itself whilst you do your own thang.

After a couple of minutes, pour it in to your bowl, top with fruit or whatever you fancy, drizzle with a touch of maple syrup. Admire and appreciate it. Say 'hi' to it. Eat and glow all day.

There you have it, heavenly deliciousness in a bowl, practically effortless.

And I even got to work on time...

Namaste porridge lovers xox

Any porridge variations? Let me know below...