The washing never gets done...

The last few weeks I've felt as if I've been caught between an episode of Coronation Street and a Bollywood blockbuster, life has been sooooooo intense. From assisting a good friend with an international rescue mission from Ghana back to London, to family dynamics worthy of the afore mentioned Bollywood - being in nature and just breathing has never been more important for me.

I am an advocate of SLOW and SIMPLE. But at times LIFE demands that we speed up, meet deadlines, act in crisis.  But then what happens to LIFE? Our LIFE? Those precious moments doing the things we love? It's easy for them to slip away. Rationally, I know life is never completed.  Right now that thought scares me.

At times like this, I need to suck nature deeply in to my soul, my core - like an empty petrol tank, I need refuelling.  This is a natural wonder that completes me in that moment. The fear slips away. And I breathe again. It's all that matters. So...

The washing never gets done.

The furnace never gets heated.

Books never get read.

Life is never completed.

Life is like a ball which one must continually

Catch and hit so that it won't fall.

When the fence is repaired at one end,

It collapses at the other. The roof leaks,

The kitchen door won't close, there are cracks in the foundation,

The torn knees of children's pants...

One can't keep everything in mind. The wonder is

That beside all this one can notice

The spring which is so full of everything

Continuing in all directions--into evening clouds,

Into the redwing's song and into every

Drop of dew on every blade of grass in the meadow,

As far as the eye can see, into the dusk.

Jaan Kaplinski (translated by Sam Hamill)