The Whirl: men, music and misadventures

I'm all in a whirl after reading The Whirl: Men, music and misadventures by Jane Cornwell and honestly did not want it to end. I loved it and it kept me up late for several nights, much needed sultry respite after a hectic few weeks.

The Whirl is pulsing with soul, humour with a peppering of heartbreak. It had me sighing, laughing out loud and reflecting on my own misadventures in loveland. All to a soundtrack that journeys from 1980's UK acid house to the panpipes of the Solomon Islands.

Jane Cornwell came to London as a young 20 something in the 80's for love and for a comedian. Little did she know back then that London would be the back drop for a career in music and arts journalism that would have her interviewing celebrities and travelling all over the world...and meeting the men of the world too.

Each chapter introduces us to a new man, the background music and yes, the misadventure. It's like reading a Lonely Planet version of international romance, an intimate and sexy window in to other cultures. From Christoph, a Congolese sapeur living in Paris who is always waiting for Jane but never replies to her texts to Mad Bill, an american movie star in to bed breaking tantric sex living in new age California to Adam from the Solomon Islands who helps Jane reflect on her journey to date and her hopes for the future.   

I loved this book because Jane never gives up on her hope for finding true love. She's blisteringly honest about the patterns she repeats in life and relationships and I found myself nodding my head a lot. I may not have been to the Solomon Islands (takes over 6 hours in a dingy over rough seas to get there!) but I have been to some similar emotional places that Jane's been to, crying on the floor with a box of kleenex and a broken heart being one of them. And still waiting for that wonderful someone to build a life with.

As The Whirl keeps swirling on, Jane gleans wisdom from every man and misadventure which builds throughout the book so just as you think 'is she ever going to learn?' we can heave a sigh of relief...and well, you'll just have to read it to find out what happens. Jane is naturally self effacing, able to laugh at herself and the circumstances she finds herself in. And throughout we are subtly immersed and educated in to the music and ways of different cultures.

The Whirl could be read as just one woman's sexy romp around the world, a really good holiday read or night in with a big G and T. But it's so much more than that. Deeply self reflective, The Whirl is Jane's way of making sense of her life, her love life and what lies ahead as a intelligent, sassy middle aged woman, still looking for love. Jane is a woman who knows who she is, what she is and this is a loving acceptance of the messy and joyful journey that has been her romantic life. And she's not scared to say it.

The Whirl is currently available via Harper Collins in Australia. Please share as this book needs to be published everywhere so let's make it a word of mouth success. Yay!

(top image courtesy of Harper Collins Australia)