waiting to exhale...

Last week I was holding my breath...

2 good weeks, Dad has had two good weeks,

still not walking

but now can't stop talking. Asking to watch the old fillums

Sholay, Amar Akbar and Anthony,

Koi Mil Gaya with

Jadoo, the Bollywood ET,

who wants to go home. He feels all alone

just like dad yesterday,

saying please, take me home. Still holding my breath,

still waiting to exhale as

dad goes silent once again,

his chest rattling like a creaking old


His eyes so heavy his lids can't

take the strain. Holding my breath

now dad's holding tight

and prayers are being said

that he makes it through this night. Through his blood

his warrior ancestors flow.

He is more than this body

He is an Eternal Soul.