Winter Solstice 2016

A belated and very warm Winter Solstice to you all. The light is back and the days are getting longer...

As I sit in front of my toasty woodburner, getting high on smudged sage, blinking through Winter Solstice natural incense mistiness, candles lit - think Bollywood Mystic Boudoir meets The Hobbit - I'm reflecting over my Solstice Journey over the last few days. And I feel all warm and lovely inside.

The journey began on Saturday at a workshop 'Endings and Beginnings' with the wonderful Mark Boylan, a 5 rhythms and Movement Medicine Teacher. I avoided 5 rhythms for years thinking it was all floaty tops and new age nonsense. When  I finally got to my local class led by Mark's wife, Sarah Blagg, I felt like I was part of secret Monday night middle-aged rave - the music (ultra cool, Sarah used to be a trance dance DJ in Toronto) just infected my being and my bones had to move.

After a year of unexpected epic-ness, this was just what I needed. We danced 5 rhythms to embrace each of the last 12 months and all it's happenings, emotions and learnings, to dance away any sticky bits still clinging and to say thank you 2015 for E V E R Y T H I N G. It was joyful, releasing, emotional, healing, empowering and so much more. We shook out, we danced in. No floaty tops or new age beliefs required - just an intention to consciously let go. When we let go we give others permission to let go. Pebble in the pond kind of thing.

Next we used Movement Medicine to dance in Beginnings for 2016. We chose newly emerging 'roles' which we wanted to grow in our lives. Our roles to self, others and community. My role for self was Vision Keeper - to keep hold of the visions that have been on hold this past year and to keep my eyes open for beyond what IS. We gave each role a posture.

After dancing in all three new roles, we put the role names together as an incantation. Reciting this incantation aloud with the posture sequence = movement medicine. An example could be 'Vision Keeper, Enlightened Helper, Grateful Server'. A little intentional personalised practice that takes less than a minute but embodies and strengthens what is emerging for us. By the end, I felt so blissfully alive. A sense of completion. Powerful stuff.

Onwards to the incredibly magical Avebury, with a fellow mischief maker via Uffington White Horse. We walked amongst sacred stones, bought rattles from Peru (so much fun) and a beautiful horse journal, met a friendly tour leader who drove us to The Avenue, a long line of stones where we witnessed gobsmacking swallow murmurations, tied ribbons to a wishing tree and then stumbled  across The Barge Inn, famous for crop circle and UFO lovers. We were not disappointed...we met a well known ufologist who shared some fantastical stories with us.  Wiltshire is where it is at. Whether you believe in it or not.

The next day we hit Glastonbury. Love love love it here. The amazing shops with big unicorns, the feel good street art, the anything goes vibe just lit us both up. Top shops on my list were Dilliwalli, stocking all sorts of Indian goodies and Starchild, a herb and incense shop that I would like to move in to and inhabit forever. We put impulse purchases on hold and to walk up Glastonbury Tor, the clouds parting yet again creating a magical angel wing in the sky. I can't put it in to words but there is something so awe inspiring to be atop this wonderful hill that once used to be an island. Big Sigh.

Back to the shops and yep, my friend bought the huge unicorn and it is now happily living at the end of her bed. I wish her many mystical happenings. I couldn't resist buying something for a blog gift away too.

And the grand finale...Stonehenge for Winter Solstice Sunrise. and the sun did rise and did shine. All I can say is that being here at this time is utter joy. Beautiful - peaceful - uplifting - sacred - communal - earthy. I could go on and on. Yes, there rattles came out. I felt immense bliss jigging around a circle of fur clad drummers who looked like they'd just escaped from Lord of the Rings. Very otherworldly. Winter Solstice just gets me in every cell of my body. I love it.

Happy reflections indeed. A sense of BEING, of COMPLETION and that everything is OK. Tonight, I'll do more pondering and mystic wonderfulness with my Unravelling the Year Ahead workbook by the delicious Susannah Conway. I so recommend this workbook. I'm not much of a planner or goal setter as my life doesn't seem to work like that but there are some great bits for reflecting back and gently wishing forwards. I can go for that.

Ok, I'm now at risk of becoming a well-baked Dal with the heat of the woodburner so I'll finish with my slightly late Winter Solstice Giftaway  - the lovely horse journal from Avebury, Winter Solstice Natural incense from Star Child (it'll keep you going all winter and I've some charcoal discs for you too) and a white sage smudge stick. Yep, you need goodies and I need to give them to One Gorgeous Being.  And it can go anywhere in the world. Hoy hoy hoy!   Just let me know what Winter Solstice means for you in the comments below and I'll know you're in.

Super big furry LOVE to you all and I wish you so much of everything and more for the coming 12 months. xox

(and it's unconditional, you'll not be added to any mailing lists or anything - the gift away ends midnight Sun 27th Dec)