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She Howls: ONLINE Women's Writing Circle + *magic*

Welcome to the second session of She Howls! A FREE monthly online Women's Writing Circle exploring our wild voices, the voices that inhabit the deepest places within us, that quietly wait until we are ready to unleash them through paper and pen.

We are all poetic beings. Prepare to be empowered. It's time to grab your pens and howl! (See 'How to join in' below for sign-up details)

This was when the whole world measured time/ This is when the light would turn around/ This is where the past would come undone/ and the spinning earth will mark a new beginning/ Let’s go back in time, to when it all began
— excerpt from Summer Solstice by Carrie Richards

What we'll do:

We'll use the coming of Summer Solstice as inspiration for our wild writing during this session. Following a guided visualisation and poetic readings, we'll create our own poetic words in response, and explore how we relate to the solstice and our inner wild child. With an added dose of mischief and laughter! By the end of this session you'll have created several pieces of written work. 

We'll experiment with intuitive writing, our imaginations and the freedom to express ourselves and be heard by others, without judgment or criticism.  

There will be an opportunity to share the words we create during the session but there is no obligation to do so.

My intention is that this space will encourage confidence, courage and compassion as we discover our unique and wild voice through writing.  These sessions are not about literary skill or grammatical correctness – they are about freeing our inner writer, our inner voice.  Punctuation and correct spelling are optional! Suitable for those new to writing/poetry and for experienced writers too. 

We'll gather together online via Zoom where we can create quietly and howl loudly.

”Dal has a way of entering your heart space, where all great poetry starts from, with exquisite dignity and respect. During her sessions, I find the threads of my life that I had forgotten I abandoned. She gives me the courage to write about the stories, issues and feelings I have while holding sacred space.” 
— Tanya Levy, Canada

How to join in: 

Please send me a message here with 'She Howls' as the subject to let me know you will be joining in! I will email joining instructions 24 hours and 1 hour before the event. 

The time of the session is GMT (UK). To convert it to your time zone please click here. 


What you'll need: 

* Access to a computer and a good wifi connection. 

* A notebook and pen(s)

* Curiosity and compassion.

* A hot cuppa.


Your guide:


I'm Dal Kular, – writervist, poem-maker and encourager. I'm studying for MSc Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes, work with individuals and groups using the power of words as well as writing my first novel. You can read more about me here.  As well as writing, I've studied various healing arts in the UK and internationally, including meditation, guided visualisation, shamanic rituals, cross-art forms, energy medicine and more. It's my deepest desire to bring my whole experience and self to these circles to enable you tap in to your wildest writing voice.  Please do get in touch if you have any questions!