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Zine Workshop! (free)

She Howls Zine

In this free-flowing workshop we’ll be exploring what a zine is and magiking up submission ideas for the latest She Howls Project - the SHE HOWLS ZINE! I’m so excited about this!

We’ll start with a brief introduction to the world of zines followed by a playful writing activity to get our words flowing for possible submission ideas. After sharing (only if we want!) we’ll ‘vision’ some aspirations for the She Howls Zine.

Expect mischief and bad dancing.

No previous writing experience needed.

What is a zine?

A zine is a small, locally printed publication entirely self-produced - think ‘artisan maga-zine’ and you’ll be along the right lines. There is enormous talent within our global pack, wild and wise words and in this first edition the aim is for us to collectively share our wild words to uplift and inspire each other and to inspire others to create and write for wildbeing. Phew, my heart skipped a beat just thinking of the feral words that will be released…

What you'll need: 

* Access to a computer and a good wifi connection. 

* A notebook and pen(s)

* Curiosity and compassion.

* A hot cuppa + mischief + best dance move.

want to join us?  

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