Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes and Poetry Therapy are broad terms that encompasses a range of writing practices that use various forms of writing (poetry/prose), reading and words for healing, growth and transformation. These terms recognise the 'poetic' experiences of everyday life and that there is poetry within all of us.  It includes: 

  • Bibliotherapy - the use of reading and books to promote healing and growth. 
  • Life-writing/narrative - writing from one's own personal life experience.
  • Cross-art forms - such as cut-up poetry, collage, performance.
  • Journalling 
  • Expressive Writing - writing to help work through traumatic and difficult experiences in a structured way 
  • and much more!

Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes is an evolving world and increasingly being used by individuals for personal growth and wellbeing and by professionals within various settings from GP practices, prisons, schools, residential homes, and corporate environments. 

It is inclusive and recognises the poetic within us all. It's a world that believes everyone can write, that all voices and stories have a right to be heard. Crucially, we write for ourselves, for growth and for connection therefore CWTP does not rely on level of education or literary/grammatical ability - we are more interested in the raw poetics that emerge from within. 

However, it is field that is underpinned by extensive and ongoing research. Coming soon - links to research.

Facilitating Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes & Poetry Therapy is an art, a priveledge and a responsibility. I help people find the words to express their truest self, build confidence, discover themselves as writers, promote healing and growth and make new skills and friends.

(please note: creative writing for therapeutic purposes or poetry therapy is NOT a subsitute for psychotherpay or medical interventions. If you require further support, please contact your local GP or MIND)