Polaroid Prompt Cards

Back in 2015 I made a Polaroid Oracle Card Deck, an act of creative survival.  I promptly lost them and recently re-discovered them! Here's a small selection of them. Now I use them as prompt cards for my own writing, in one to one sessions and workshops. You can read more about them here. And if you want to make your own scroll down for how I created mine. 

how i created them...

Here's some of the stuff I used to create my Polaroid Prompt Cards and some alternatives if you don't have a Polaroid Camera and wish to create your own. Some of the items below are a bit costly (I've gathered all these things over a long period of time),  but you can get the same effect with loads of free apps online. No need to spend anything! 

Polaroid SX70 - a vintage polaroid camera gifted to me by my Big Sis. You can find similar ones on eBay. There are lots of modern and cheaper alternatives such as Fuji Instax cameras (these look like BIG FUN). Or try Canva for free - upload an image and add a polaroid frame effect and retro typing. 

Impossible Polaroid Film - this is impossibly expensive and I rarely buy it these days. I used Impossible black and white and colour instant film. To make it cheaper they sometimes sell out of date film and I highly recommend using this as you can get some really interesting and retro effects. My first lot of cards were made with film that was 2 years out of date! It's all about creating something personal, imperfect and being experimental - it will add to the overall vibe and energy of your card. They also do lots of different frames that will really add that extra va va room to a personal polaroid deck.

Impossible Instant Lab - This is a little laboratory which will transfer any photo from your smart phone in to a polaroid photograph.  Some of my polaroids have been photos which I've taken on my iPhone or Big Camera and then processed with the Instant Lab. If you love instant film and creating various effects (you can layer up different photos on one polaroid) you will love this. 

Picmonkey - if you want the Polaroid look but don't want to invest in an instant film camera you can also create Polaroid-like photos in the super easy (and free) Picmonkey.

iPhone 5s - I've had this for years now and I use it all the time to take photos (often terrible ones!). I sometimes use iPhone's own editing app to touch up the photograph. I take most of the photos with the 'square' frame in the camera. Then I will use the Instant Lab to make it in to a polaroid. You could also try Afterlight, a free and simple photo editing app.

Motex Label Maker - I think I really just wanted to make these cards so I had an excuse to buy a Motex Label maker. Retro and old skool.  You can also create a clear label and then stick it over decorative wash tape to really personalise your label (like on the Dark Light card above). You could also get a similar effect by using a retro typeface, printing it out and sticking it to your pic - much cheaper!