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The space within our circle is sacred. The energy is tangible. We share the spectrum of emotions through the written word, giving us the opportunity to process it in a safe, caring, nurturing place. It is our virtual wolf den. Thank you so very much for providing something that I didn’t know I needed. Thank you for calling us to the pack.
— Melissa, USA

From 1-1 mentoring to designing and delivering workshops, I believe everyone has the RIGHT and ABILITY to be creative. I bring my ALL (there’s a lot of it!)to working with YOU.

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1-1 Creative & Poetic Mentoring

Work 1-1 with Dal to explore an area of your life through poetry, story and creativity.

Waitlist - please email for further details.


Consultancy, Training & Bespoke Workshops

Expert consultation and inspirational trainings and workshops/curriculum design in Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes.

Please email for further details.

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She Howls Online Writing Circles

After a year of Writing Circles we are taking a wee break.

The circles will be back in Autumn so please subscribe to my She Howls Newsletter below for updates!

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She Howls Online Open Mic (free)

After a year of trailblazing and inspirational open mics we are taking a summer break and will be back in Autumn.

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Talks & Workshops

Hear and experience Dal live! Details of my latest live mischief making can be found here.


Speaking/Podcasts /Collaborations

I’m a passionate and confident speaker, particularly around creativity, accessibility and healing!

If you’d like to hire me to speak at your event or on your podcast please contact me here.

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Annika Spalding
“A friend of mine recommended the Poetry Therapy sessions and I was curious. The concept excited me and the reality gave me more than accepted. At a time when I was convinced my creativity was a dried-up well, the sessions enabled me to pour poetry out with ease. Dal is a fantastic facilitator of these sessions and was able to give me room to express myself. I think at this point I was able to set the editor in me aside and give myself completely to the muse. Thank you Dal for everything!”

— Annika Spalding, Author and Writing Coach
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‘Dalbinder has an infectious enthusiasm for unleashing creativity in other people. She has a strong empathy for people who feel held back or anxious or not good enough and manages to rally people round and give people faith in the power of just trying your best’
— Jenny Gaskell, Artist/Producer & Manchester Sunday Assembly.